Aprilaire Humidifiers Available in Greenwood, IN

Do you have dry skin, an itchy throat, or frequent colds? Does your home suffer from mold growth or rot damage? Any of these signs can indicate poor air quality. When the air is too dry or too moist, your health, your home, and your wallet suffer.

Poynter wants to ensure that every family in Greenwood, IN, can breathe easy. Indoor air quality solutions are becoming household necessities in order to keep adults and children happy and healthy. We proudly sell Aprilaire humidifiers so you can breathe clean air.

Why Aprilaire?

For 75 years, the Aprilaire humidifier has been the most effective whole-house evaporative appliance for humidification. It’s been a miracle for dry air problems, solving itchy skin, dry throats, but it also keeps the moisture in your home from building up.

Humidity is common in Greenwood, IN, and too much moisture can result in the growth of bacteria and fungi. An Aprilaire humidifier is able to keep the humidity in your home at a stable level, which protects against rot and dry-air damage.

A humidifier can also reduce the number of airborne viruses in your home, reducing colds and illnesses. When it keeps your house at a comfortable temperature, you’re less likely to use your heater or air conditioner, so you spend less on energy bills.

Why Poynter?

We want to help you take care of your home and family with indoor air quality solutions, so we provide a selection of Aprilaire humidifiers. Beyond improving the air quality in your home, we seek to help you understand why it’s important to have good relative humidity.

Our service team is available to answer any of your questions or concerns about how an Aprilaire humidifier in Greenwood, IN, can benefit your family. We also offer repair and maintenance services so you never have to worry about your humidifier’s condition. When it comes to quality service, trust Poynter.

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